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Comece: notes on the “EU Pillar of social rights”. Social inclusion, employment, work-free Sundays

(Brussels) The Commission of the EU Bishops Conferences (Comece) has disclosed its notes, as part of the EU Public Consultation on the EU Pillar of social rights. The text with the answers given by the Social Affairs Committee of Comece is available online now ( The document goes back to the idea of a “social market economy” that is a favourite of Comece and the European Catholic world, encouraging the EU “not to lose sight of the Europe2020 strategy, fight against uncertain working conditions, and build the economic and monetary union on firm foundations”. Comece says it agrees with the goals of the EU plan for a “Pillar of Social Rights”, but, thinking that “some aspects have not be adequately thought over”, it provides a few recommendations: it asks that “consistent policies be promoted between the existing initiatives” and an “inclusive approach” be adopted that will include all of the EU member states, not just the 19 euro-using countries. Comece encourages “regular supervision with the involvement of all stakeholders” and asks that the right to “dignified working hours” and to “a common work-free day a week”, preferably a Sunday, be protected. In addition, the document calls to “rethink the notion of education” in the light of the fact that education and training are “drivers of social convergence”. The EU consultation will end on 31st December 2016.

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