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Sweden: Ms Hellner (Diocese of Stockholm), “Papal visit was unique privilege”. Positive media coverage

“The Holy Father’s visit was a huge challenge for our small diocese, but everything went well, and we are very glad and proud”, Kristina Hellner, communications officer at the Diocese of Stockholm, told SIR, two weeks after Pope Francis’ visit to Lund and Malmö (31 October – 1 November). “Bishop Arborelius was very impressed and is extremely grateful for everything has happened, and we all see the experience as a unique privilege”, Ms Hellner continued. “Sweden is a Protestant and secular country, but this was not perceived in the extensive media coverage” of the journey. “All Swedish mass media have covered the Papal visit, and almost all I have seen was positive”. And she concluded: “I could not be more happy with the great public resonance the Catholic Church has had”. “Is the Pope Catholic or Swedish?” was the headline of a comment by Ann Heberlein in on 11 November. “The Swedish people like the Pope because he is perceived as less Catholic than other pontiffs, and even less Catholic than all other Catholics”. Yet “Pope Francis is profoundly Catholic as regards his moral stance”, that is to say, he is “Catholic in his commitment to the poor as well as in his condemnation of abortion and contraception”: “protecting the week and vulnerable life is a key element in the Catholic moral theology” although this “leads to conclusions that the secular Swedish people may like or dislike”.

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