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Poland: “All Saint’s Night” in Przemysl and Gniezno. “Guides on the road to heaven”

In Przemysl, Poland, yesterday, Sunday 30th October, the young members of the Deaconship of the adoring dance took part in the All Saints’ parade “to show that faith makes us experience the reality of heaven”. The promoter of the event, don Tadeusz Bialy, director of the diocese’s youth pastoral service, stated that “by dancing people want to convey their communion with God and the Saints, as well as the joy of the Christian message”. The dancers were invited to wear the costumes of their favourite saints or at least carry some of their traditionally-recognised symbols. The promoter of the event pointed out that “this is a meeting of people who regard saints as guides on the way to heaven”. A similar event will take place in Gniezno today, 31st October, where on All Saints’ Night there will be a talk about Chiara Luce Badana, a 19-year-old Italian girl who died from cancer and was beatified by Benedict XVI in 2010. Don Dominic Poczekaj, the organiser of the All Saint’s Night event, points out that the event should not be understood as the opposite of Halloween and adds: “We want to show how holiness looks like now, so that young people, as well as adults, can find connections with their lives there”.

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