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Sweden: Lund University, “Pope Francis: faith – politics – reforms”. Three meetings for Bergoglio’s visit

A few days before the celebration of the Reformation, due in Lund on 31st October, which will bring Pope Francis to Sweden for an epoch-marking event, Lund will organise three open workshops about “Pope Francis: faith – politics – reforms”, with world-class guests. The first one on 26th October, called “How many divisions has the Pope? The Holy See, media, and politics”, will include a lecture by the firmer Swedish ambassador to the Holy See, Ulla Gudmundsson, Kristina Kappelin, correspondent from Italy for the public Swedish TV channel SVT, and Göran Rosenberg, writer, chaired by Gosta Hallonsten, emeritus professor of systematic theology. The topic chosen for the following day is: “Is there a truth? Philosophy, modernity and religious diversity”; speakers are Marcia Cavalcante Schuback, professor of philosophy at Södertörn University, Ulf Jonsson, a Jesuit father and professor of philosophy of religion at the Newman Institute, and Björn Vikström, Lutheran bishop of Porvoo, chaired by Jayne Svenungsson, professor of systematic theology. Lastly, on 28th October, the workshop will be in English and will be spent investigating “Whose history? Reformation, conflict, and ecumenism”, with Antje Jackelen, archbishop of the Swedish Church, Eero Huovinen, Lutheran co-president of the commission for Lutheran-Catholic dialogue, Wolfgang Thönissen, director of the Institute for Ecumenical Studies of Paderborn, chaired by the rector of Lund University, Sinikka Neuhaus.

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