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Portugal: volunteers leaving for Mozambique. A project for orphaned or sick children

From January 1st, 2017, three lay people from the diocese of Algarve will be leaving on a mission for Mozambique, as part of a food, educational and training project about mothers’ and children’s health in the town of Beira. The cooperation and development initiative “Boluka Kua Zua”, which means “the birth of the sun”, launched in partnership with the Congregation of the Missionary Franciscan Sisters of Mary, will be mainly focused on “treating children aged between seven months and five years old, some of whom are orphans, or suffer from AIDS, malaria or tuberculosis”. In an interview with the paper “Folha do Domingo”, one of the volunteers, Andreia Barracha, who is currently a social educator in the area of old people’s tourism, stated she wants to leave to help her neighbours, as a goal that has always been one of the priorities in her life: “I am anxious to start this experience, and I have lots of expectations, but I am confident that all that will happen will definitely be positive. When we get there, we will do all we can to make ourselves useful”. In her turn, Elisabete Matos, sales area manager, said she is “very happy that at last she will make a dream come true”, a dream that had failed in 2013 with a mission that was supposed to take her to Angola: “I have quite a few, clear expectations, but I will be leaving with an open heart and an open mind, ready to help with anything that may be needed”.

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