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Road safety: EU Commission, a campaign to prevent accidents and casualties. Bulc, “education and awareness”

(Brussels) – On 21st September this year, 19 EU member states “did not record any road casualty”. It was the “European Day Without A Road Death”, supported by the EU Commission. The figures were measured by the European traffic police network. “On that day, i the 31 participating countries – the EU Executive states in a notice, today – the total number of casualties was 43 versus last year’s 70”. Violeta Bulc, EU transport commissioner, stated: “Educational and awareness-raising campaigns remarkably support road safety, and the Edward road safety project” (the British acronym for European Day Without A Road Death) “wants to achieve a very ambitious goal”, that is, having a day without a death on the European roads. “This year, the number of casualties seems to be remarkably better than in 2015, proving that a partnership among all players can really make all the difference and save many human lives”. “We are in a good position – the commissioner adds – to achieve our final goal, bringing the number of lethal accidents down to zero”. As part of the Day, over 103 thousand organisations and individuals signed the Road Safety Charter, and over 80 events, such as awareness-raising campaigns and workshops in the schools, were held across Europe. The campaign is supported by the web:

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