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Social inclusion: Lega Serie B, a telephone number, 45527, to support “The Bridge – Un Ponte per Lampedusa”

A fund-raising campaign will stay open until 3rd October 2017 to help build a football stadium in Lampedusa. With the telephone number 45527, people can now donate 2 euros by sending a text, or 5 or 10 euros by calling from a landline telephone. The initiative is promoted by Lega Serie B and B Solidale Onlus, with the support of the 22 member teams, and aims at building a football pitch on the isle of Lampedusa to give “a real message – a notice reads – to that extraordinary community of Italians, showing the will and ability not to leave them alone in the accomplishment of the tough mission that geography and history have given them”. The “The Bridge – Un Ponte per Lampedusa” project, which was also presented to Pope Francis last May, will try to “enable the local amateur football team, students of all ranks and grades, and the young refugees of the Centre to benefit from a wide range of initiatives” that aim “at strengthening their social inclusion, in the future, by involving educational schemes and, of course, football”. “The one in Lampedusa will be a zero-impact stadium, it will produce more power than it consumes, and the excess will be provided to the island”, reads the notice, adding that “for five years Lega B will run the stadium, will train the servicing staff and will organise sports, educational programmes for the schools and programmes for the social inclusion of the young guests of the Centre”. For further information, visit

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