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Slovakia: hospitality towards refugees at centre of Mgr. Zvolensky’s address to President of Republic

(Bratislava) “Our main role is to contribute to the cohesion of society in the face of the migration crisis, to help create structures that could lead to the solution of this global problem”, said Mgr. Stanislav Zvolensky, president of the Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia, at the meeting of the representatives of Churches and religious associations with the president of the Slovak Republic, Andrej Kiska. On behalf of the Catholic Church in Slovakia, Mgr. Zvolensky expressed the intention to continue to cooperate with representatives of state and non-governmental organizations in this area. According to the archbishop, “the encounter with refugees and a better understanding of their needs have contributed to raising awareness and respect for human dignity, and this has the power to change negative attitudes”. As he adds, the role of the Catholic Church in Slovakia is to help people “overcome feelings of fear and scepticism”, so that they may show their generosity not only through donations to refugees, but also by “understanding that true human mercy can be expressed everyday in deeds of love towards persons with concrete names and faces”.

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