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Slovakia: Archdiocese of Kosice starting a series of Holy Masses to support culture of life

(Bratislava) The referendum on the protection of the family with almost one million voters, the II National March for Life with the participation of over 80,000 citizens, and a number of youth initiatives dedicated to the protection of human life and its dignity – all this is the result of two decades of efforts by the pro-life movement in Slovakia, strongly supported by the official structures of the Catholic Church. The Bishops’ Conference of Slovakia has decided to celebrate daily holy masses and liturgies for the intention of spreading the culture of life. “We want to invite people to pray for the blessing of marriages and families in Slovakia and in Europe. It is also a form of spiritual preparation for the Slovak presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2016, reflecting on the mercy of God”, explains Fr. Anton Ziolkovsky, executive secretary of the Bishops’ Conference. The first diocese starting the series of holy masses for life is the Archdiocese of Kosice, due to be followed by the Eparchy of Bratislava in February. The initiative dates back to 2012, when the biggest pro-life platform in Slovakia – Forum for Life – came up with the idea of spiritually supporting pro-life and pro-family activities, having found the response of the Sub-Commission for Bioethics.

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