Ten young refugees from Syria and Iran to Austria – all aged between 20 and 35 – have been taken up by the Franciscans of the convent of Pupping, in Eferding district, Upper Austria. So these young people now have a new home. Father Fritz Wenigwieser, superior of the "Convent of Peace (shalom-kloster)", said that these young people arrived in Pupping a couple of weeks ago and have been taken up by the 4 friars, the nun who assists them, and the guests who regularly live with them, sharing convent life: "We have an open house and, because of the great problem of refugees, we try to take some asylum seekers into our community”, the superior confirmed. These young people have their double bedrooms in the east wing of the large convent of Pupping, which has been named after them. The Franciscans are trying to develop a daily programme of activities for them, in the attempt to adjust the refugees’ life to theirs, involving them in cleaning and cooking, in gardening and in any other typical convent chore: according to father Wenigwieser, it is important for the guests not to loiter about and think back of their terrible experiences, but be supported 24 hours a day, so these young people can fit in as best as they can.” “

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