The inevitability of death associated with the tragedy of human weakness and the feeling of fragility of the German organisation: these feelings are making the German Christian communities still wonder about the tragedy of the Germanwings airplane that crashed in France. The bishops of many dioceses of the country wanted to use Palm Sunday to find answers and comfort the faithful. “The horrible images of the air crash, the upsetting assumptions and thoughts about what a man’s actions have caused, with 150 people dead, are with us”, cardinal Reinhard Marx said, thinking of the families’ grief. Many people wondered how can one be comforted when faced with such events, and, during the sermon on Palm Sunday in the Frauenkirche in Munich, the cardinal said that "Jesus Himself is comfort, atonement, reconciliation and healing, God who steps in Himself". The bishop of Münster, mgr. Felix Genn, admitted: “I cannot answer the whys, even if some people expect me to say something as a bishop", but he pointed out that faith in God helps where there are no words: "one loves God and one can even yell out one’s grief". "There’s room for anger and complaint with God – cardinal Rainer Woelki of Cologne said – if a man has inflicted such endless grief on so many people".” “

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