"The European integration process has pulled down all boundaries, so it feels normal now to travel across the EU and bring home the goods we have bought during our travels". This was stated by Margrethe Vestager, EU commissioner for competition, at the international conference of Bundeskartellamt today. "Unfortunately, it is not so easy, not even for e-commerce, and the time has come to remove the barriers that keep the digital markets so broken up", the expert pointed out. "Open, fair digital markets may bring benefits to consumers and companies alike – Vestager explained – and our role, as competition watchdogs, will be to make the digital single market a place where all players, big and small, may compete on the quality of their goods". Statistics tell us that Europeans welcomed ecommerce, and in 2014 one European consumer out of two bought something online. However, just one out of seven bought something from a foreign seller. "To understand how online markets work and what hinders competition, I will propose to start an industry-specific survey of ecommerce, as part of the broader survey for the global digital strategy promoted by the EU Commission", Vestager concluded.” “

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