"Did you know Céline Dion’s mother had thought of aborting her?": this is one of the "shocking sentences" that the organisers will be using next Sunday at the Pro-Life March in Brussels to raise public awareness, with the help of an information campaign, about the respect of life "from conception to natural death". The promoters of the initiative explain that the March is promoted every year and brings together all the people who "regardless of their religious opinion" want to "express their opposition to abortion and euthanasia". The Belgian legislation authorises abortion until the 12th week of pregnancy while in the Netherlands abortion is legal until the 22nd week of pregnancy, and that’s why every year one thousand Belgian woman go the neighbouring country to have abortion. "In Belgium, there are 116 abortions every weekday" and then "96% of such cases are babies with Down syndrome": these are some of the slogans that the organisers of the March will be using to raise public awareness of the reality of abortion" and get a response from politicians, who are also asked to make "policies in support" of people in distress. On Sunday, the meeting place will be Mont des Arts, Brussels, at 02.00 pm. ” “

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