The hospitals run by religious families and ecclesiastic organisations of Vienna ask the city for financial support to catch up with the doctors’ pay rises. Eleven million euros are the extra cost that will have to be borne under the new terms and conditions of the hospital medical contract: Manfred Greher, spokesman for the platform of religious hospitals of Vienna, explained that, "right now, the eight hospitals cannot cope with such obligations with their own means". Negotiations with the city and the medical trade unions will be starting on Thursday, 26th March. Currently, the financial relationship between Vienna and the eight religious hospitals is covered by a concordat, which will expire in 2016 and which is renegotiated when there is some major change in the financial terms and conditions. “This is happening now – Greher confirms –, but it won’t be a huge problem" in the light of the good budget approved by the city of Vienna. The parties will also discuss the problem of equating the salaries of doctors working in religious facilities with those of state doctors and the problem of reducing medical work by 20 per cent, with more compulsory rest: this will result in a remarkable increase in staff and costs to keep the current excellent standards with 4,100 employees and 355 thousand patients, including inpatients, day hospital and outpatients. ” “

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