(Sir Europe – Brussels) – "76% of the world’s population live in countries where there are restrictions on religious freedom due to the presence of some forms of" religious, political or ideological fundamentalism. Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, vice-president of the Conference of European Churches (CEC), took the floor at the Conference on tolerance and interreligious dialogue to describe some of the traits of religious extremism starting from the current situation. "It is often a reaction – he explained – to the secularisation and laicisation" of our societies. According to the speaker, "it is a global phenomenon which does not concern only Islam", but also, albeit to a different extent and with different modes, "all religions, Christianity included". Fundamentalism often advocates the return of religion to politics, accompanied by "conservatism", "social puritanism", and strong proselytism". This creates a kind of short-circuit which undermines peace and coexistence, as we can see in many regions of the world and also in Europe. "In this situation, all religious communities have the duty to mobilise against fundamentalism" to defend tolerance and the coexistence of peoples.” “

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