In the first two years of his papacy, Pope Francis "positively challenged the ‘old Europe’ to wake up from its lethargy". Mgr. Duarte da Cunha, secretary general of Ccee (Council of European Bishops Conferences), takes inspiration from the speech given by Bergoglio to the Council of Europe, in Strasbourg, on 25th November, in which he stated: "We can ask Europe: where’s your strength? Where’s the ideal tension that drove and made your history so great? Where’s your inquisitively inventive spirit? Where’s your thirst for the truth…?". In his article for Sir (click here), Da Cunha writes: "These are the questions we should all ask ourselves. But for Christians these questions are compounded by the challenge to be more of Jesus’ true disciples. Europe’s renewal actually needs the European Church to be the leaven of hope, again. If the European Church is truer to itself, then Europe will certainly wake up". Then, the secretary of Ccee lingers on "the idea of Church that the Pope is proposing". "He proposes us, first of all, a Church that is driven by its contact with Jesus Christ, that finds its identity in such contact, so as not to fall into a self-referential attitude that prevents it being what it is, in its deepest truth: a community unfailingly focussed on God, in this world". (continued)

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