Mgr. Duarte da Cunha adds: "Then, Pope Francis proposes a Church that is filled by its contact with Jesus with a joy that it wants to share. And so it is a Church that goes out to those who live in sadness and in inner emptiness, bringing them God’s embrace". Bergoglio "speaks of a praying Church, which acknowledges the ‘primerear’ of God’s grace. In addition, he is the witness of a simple Church, which speaks to everyone simply, which confides in its faithfulness to the Gospel, not in the facilities it runs". According to the secretary of Ccee, it is "an ‘outgoing’ Church, missionary as much in its announcement as in its work, so that it may show the friendly face of Jesus Christ who is still around us as He has always been". And then: a Church "which looks at families as places of communion and as an emergency for pastoral care", "a Church that speaks to everyone and to every man", because "in everyone it finds a heart that longs for God". Finally, "Pope Francis proposes a Church that does not shy away from the Cross but knows that after Lent comes Easter. A Church that is the excited witness of Jesus Resurrected to all men".” “

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