According to Mr Delle Foglie, "it is good to welcome the surprise that accompanies him" and to "let us be surprised again; maybe we should re-read his encyclical ‘Evangelii Gaudium’ more carefully and reflect, once again, if we have not done it yet, on the profound meaning of ‘a poor Church for the poor’". But "this is neither the right place nor the right time to take stock of these two years of his papacy (this would be no mean feat, something difficult even to imagine). However, we all feel the warmth of the Christian people and the affection that also people far from the Church have for Pope Francis, for how he is as a person, direct and without affectation". In a global world without clear points of reference, "Francis is seen as a reference, a solid rock for the most vulnerable and the most poor". Is this good? We firmly believe so. Even when he plays the protagonist in memorable diplomatic games (war in Syria, US-Cuban rapprochement), he is always and only Francis". That is why "he deserves our sincere thanks. Our humble thanks, because we know he is a sober and rigorous man". "We Italians, who feel a special closeness to Peter and Francis, have an additional hope – he concluded. From 9 to 13 November, the Italian Catholic Church will be holding its fifth National Ecclesial Meeting on the theme ‘A New Humanism in Christ’. Will Pope Francis make us a surprise? We hope for it, we desire it, we look forward to it".

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