By your serving the young, the Church will become the yeast of the world that the Lord calls us to be". This is how Pope Francis spoke to the bishops of Korea and Mongolia, on their visit limina apostolorum, whom he gave audience to in the Vatican. At the core of his reflections, there are the young as well as the priests and martyrs that have been recently beatified. Speaking of last August’s visit to Korea, the Pontiff pointed out: "For me, one of the highlights" was "the beatification of martyrs Paul Yun Ji-chung and his mates". "Their example" can make us "more and more faithful Christian witnesses by calling us to contact, charity and sacrifice". A lesson that is particularly relevant nowadays, since, "despite the great progress made in technology and communication", people are "lonelier and lonelier", communities "weaker and weaker". Hence his call to work "with the priests, the nuns, the religious and lay people in charge of your dioceses, so as to make sure the parishes, schools and apostolic centres are really places to establish contacts": with the Lord, "who teaches us how to love and who opens our eyes to the dignity of every human being", and "with anyone, especially the poor, the old, the forgotten". Francis’s thought then went to "your young people, who fervently wish to continue your ancestors’ heritage". It was "a joy" to have met them at the Asian Youth Day. (continued)” “” “

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