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Migrants: Comece-Cec-Ccme, Christian communities “space for encounter” between refugees and host societies

“Looking beyond the immediate humanitarian crisis provoked by the recent influx of migrants and refugees” in Europe was the theme of a dialogue seminar convened yesterday in Brussels by the European commission, with the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (Comece), the Conference of European Churches (Cec) and the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (Ccme). A press release at the end of the meeting refers that the issues discussed were “models of integration, best practices and the fundamental values that guide integration within the EU”. If “preparedness of public authorities and the hospitality of many Christian Churches and religious communities” has been a “gratifying witness”, “the greater challenge is the long-term integration”. “Clear policy objectives, coordinated response and concerted effort from both migrants and European societies” will be needed, beside “close cooperation between public authorities and civil society”. The exchange considered the existing models for integration “often based on the deep experience of Churches” and ideas on how to “cultivate a more positive public image of all migrants and refugees in Europe”. If the Churches are often the first and most important point of contact to those people, “welcoming Christian communities” will be needed to support the people arriving in Europe, but also as space for encounter between refugees and host societies, and for addressing fears of receiving communities”.

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