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Austria: Golden Record to CD “The song of peace” by the monks of Heiligenkreuz

The Cistercian abbey of Heligenkreuz is rejoicing: the notes of the CD “The Song of Peace” are echoing amidst the stalls of the historical Christmas market over the days of Advent, for the success of the collection of songs that the abbey’s monks’ choir recorded in Autumn 2014 with Jewish singer Timna Bauer and her ensemble Meiri. The collection sold 100 thousand copies and received a Gold Record last Saturday at a happening among the stalls of the Christmas market. Father Karl Wallner, the abbey’s spokesman, stated that the two producers of the CD (Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon) wanted the Gold Record awards ceremony to be happy and shared: “Even if the monks of the choir have taken a sabbatical year to find some peace again, we could not have a private ceremony”, father Wallner confirmed. So, the monks of 35 Austrian monasteries flocked to Heligenkreuz, and traditional products and delicacies made by different orders were handed out to the visitors: “We are glad we can advertise the ‘Song of Peace’ a bit in this confused time, to point out that religions are for peace, not for terrorism”, father Wallner said. The monks’ concert with Bauer before over one thousand people “was a huge success”.

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