"Immigrant workers are essential and vital for Norway. Most immigrant workers work and make a contribution to Norwegian society on a par with Norwegians". With these words, today the director of Caritas Norway, Alexander Golding, comments the results published on 26th June by the national Statistics Office, which found that, in 2013, 84% of the new jobs created by the market were taken by foreigners, both EU and non-EU. With a population of 5 million, Norway is home to 2.5 million workers, 13% of whom are foreigners. Golding is worried, though: "Many migrant labourers are in their prime, they are young. If we fail to take care of them and to make them fit in, some awkward situations may arise a few years down the line". According to Golding, the greatest risks are exploitation, uncertain housing, physical and mental disorders. The antidotes: "being proficient in Norwegian, being aware of one’s rights and duties, being part of a social network". This is the direction taken by the Caritas centres in Bergen and Oslo (7 thousand consulting sessions in 2013), along with "Catholic multicultural communities": according to the president of Caritas, "Churches may be important meeting places".

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