(Sir Europe – Bratislava) – The tradition of military ordinaries from Slovakia and Hungary of celebrating together the feast of Ss. Cyril and Methodius started only a few years ago, yet it has significantly contributed to the positive development of mutual relations between these two nations. Also this year bishops Frantisek Rábek and László Bíró met at the "pilgrimage of brotherhood" in the Hungarian town of Zalavár, where prince Pribina and his son Kocel resided centuries ago and where the Thessalonian brothers, co-patrons of Europe, evangelized in the 9th century. "The vocation of Christians is to build bridges, not walls. That is why our joint celebration is like a mutual embrace in Jesus Christ, inspired by the spiritual heritage of Ss. Cyril and Methodius", says Mons. Bíró. According to Mons. Rábek, it is a "general experience that the saints – people who follow Christ in perfection – unite us" in respect towards national and cultural differences. "Let it be an invitation to animate and deepen our Christian roots, and with the help of Christ’s truth and love, to enrich each other with our traditions", concludes the prelate, pointing out that the feast of the two saints falls on 5 July in Slovakia.

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