In the parish of Neukirchen an der Vöckla, a small town in the diocese of Linz, the local community and the passers-by will now find a communal fridge to swap foods and to fight food waste. So far, similar initiatives all over Austria have prevented about 13 tons of food a year, often still in their original packages, being thrown away. The initiative is widely supported by Neukirchen’s parish community: the fridge is in the hall, accessible to anyone. The town of Neukirchen an der Vöckla committed to widely use the food by giving free access to the communal fridge all day long. With the consequence that not only families use it to swap and share their food, but it has also become a place of support and assistance for people with problems. "Some people use the fridge even just once", says Irmgard Ramp, a member of the work team that runs the initiative all day long, confirming that the initiative is attracting more and more interest and more and more users. The national food-sharing project is not only for individuals, it is also open to manufacturers and traders, to prevent large amounts of still-usable food being thrown away.” “

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