(Sir Europe – Strasbourg) – "Social justice, culture, rights. This is Europe": Emmanouil Glezos, born on 1 January 1922, is a senior member of the European Parliament. He was elected in Greece on the list of the United Left. In Strasbourg, he is listened to as a sage. "I expect – he said during the first plenary session of the new Parliament – that at least a hundredth of the promises made to Europeans will be honoured here. That would already be an achievement". In the morning, the EP is due to discuss the outcome of the European Council that took place last week. In the afternoon, it will welcome the Italian Prime Minister who will outline the priorities of Italy’s six-month presidency. Debates are quite tense as a result of the increased presence of Eurosceptic MEPs. French MEP Marine Le Pen, from the Front National, said: "There is a new wind blowing in Europe, but it looks like it has not arrived here. In the next five years, we will be here to denounce the problems of Europe and the EU’s inability to address them". The words of British independence supporter, Nigel Farage, who won the elections in his country, are even stronger: "Today there are more Euro-sceptics in this Assembly, in right-wing, left-wing and centrist parties. But many of them are unaware of the change, everything goes on as before". And having criticised Schulz and Juncker, he added: "We are the future because we defend nation-states". This EU is "a dusty museum".

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