(Sir Europe – Brussels) – "A global package" about the "top jobs", Europe’s most important positions: president of the European Council, High Representative for Foreign Policy, president of the Euro-Group, must be "mutually agreed upon". "If there’s no agreement on everything, there’s no agreement on anything". "We haven’t focussed on one name as if all the agreement depended on it". The most effective summary of the European Council that ended in Brussels late last night is made by its president, Herman Van Rompuy. The summit of the 28 heads of state and government who met last night did not produce any major result – as it was to be expected – and put off any official decision to the new summit, due on 30th August. The future appointments, as stated in the document with the EU Council’s "Conclusions" (the only official document), will be "jointly considered". There has been a long discussion about two international emergencies: Ukraine and the Middle East. In the former case, the EU adds "soft" sanctions to those decided on the same days by the United States, while it calls for, once again, a "peaceful solution to the crisis in Ukraine, especially the pressing need that all parties agree on an effective, sustainable ceasefire so as to lay the grounds for implementing president Poroshenko’s peace-making plan". (continued) 

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