(Sir Europe – Brussels) – Online gambling and betting are not a "game" and related risks are multiplying. Technological progress has recently briught 7 million European citizens into the online gambling market; they include children and teenagers. While it has been estimated that 0.1% to 0.8% of the adult population suffer from gambling addiction. That’s why today the European Commission adopted a "recommendation" about this issue, urging the member states to "achieve a high level of protection for consumers, users and children by adopting principles on online gambling and responsible advertising for such services". Principles that should "protect their health" and "minimise any economic damage that could result from excessive or compulsive gambling". Michel Barnier, deputy president of the EU Executive, explains: "We must protect more effectively all citizens, especially the young ones, from the risks associated with gambling. Now, we call on the member states, as well as on online gambling providers, to join forces and accomplish our plan to provide consumers with a high level of protection all over the European Union, in this rapidly-expanding digital market". (continued) 

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