The new number of Europeinfos, the monthly of the Commission of the EU Bishops Conferences (Comece), is on line. The reader’s summer reflection will focus on issues the European bishops have been particularly keen on over these months, such as the transatlantic trade and investment partnership (Ttip), which president Reinhard Marx has so often spoken about and that will also be the focus of the autumn plenary assembly of Comece. Or, again, the "One Of Us" initiative, rejected by the European Commission, thus "frustrating and disappointing" 1.7 million signatories and actually weakening – according to the monthly – the democratic participation process that is embodied by the European Citizens’ Initiative. Another issue that is central to Comece are border and migratory policies, addressed in a piece that looks into the "strategic approaches adopted on 26th and 27th June 2014 by the European Council for legislative and operating programming for next year, about the European space of freedom, security and justice". Then, the monthly reflects on the meaning of G7, from which Russia has been expelled, having been fined for the facts about Ukraine, but which "cannot move on without it, about other topics that now weigh heavily on international security".

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