(SIR Europe – Brussels) – "The difference between the rich and the poor is increasing in Europe". Numerous people "find themselves in unsafe working conditions, while at the same time, the super rich are becoming richer and richer. Those are the problems we have to face". Recently re-elected President of the European Parliament, the German Martin Schulz writes a few reflections about this political time and the future of integration in the site of the Institution. While debate on "flexibility" and economic growth is going on, Schulz underlines the need to create employment and pursue social justice. "We’re running the risk of losing an entire generation", he says, recalling millions of people under 30 left out of the work market. Then he says: "We can make Parliament even more transparent, and we can open more information offices" to approach citizens to the EU. "But as long as there’s a national filter to EU policy, it will be difficult to reach the people. Therefore, national policy must europeanise". Then he makes a political/institutional remark: "The decision of the European Council in favour of Juncker" as candidate to the presidency of the Commission "implies a huge influence increase for the EU Parliament". For his second office, too, Schulz promises to operate to make the European Parliament "as strong as the Commission and the Council". ” “

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