There is a need to ensure that "the human person and human dignity always come first, and to oppose those globalisation processes that pursue money as the highest goal". Thus, "those who work in the economic and financial sector are called to make decisions that contribute to the social and economic well-being of the entire society". The Pope also encouraged accountants to "always work responsibly, facilitating relationships of loyalty, of justice, and, if possible, of fraternity, addressing with courage, above all, the problems of the poorest and the most vulnerable. It is not enough to provide concrete answers to economic and material questions; you must support and promote an ethical approach to the economy, to finance and to work; you must keep alive the value of solidarity as a moral attitude, as an expression of care for the legitimate needs of others". "If we want to improve and pass on to future generations the environmental, economic, social and cultural heritage that we have inherited – Pope Francis said –, we are called to take up the responsibility to work for a globalisation of solidarity. Solidarity is a duty that springs from the same network of interconnections that are developed with globalisation". And the "social doctrine of the Church teaches us that the principle of solidarity is implemented in harmony with the principle of subsidiarity".    

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