Alicante will host the Special Week of Spain from 23rd to 25th October. "For a new society. Challenges and proposals" is the theme of the event, now in its forty-second year. Organised by the Spanish Bishops Conference, the event will bring together national and international experts. According to Fernando Fuentes Alcántara, director of the Secretariat of the Social Pastoral Service of the Spanish Bishops Commission, this is not just a meeting, it is "a whole work of discernment that has gone up and down the country since it was launched, back in 1906". "The Social Weeks are a milestone within the social philosophy of the Church, with first-rate national and international experts", Fuentes Alcántara added. The 2014’s Week will last three days. Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, archbishop of Lyons and member of the Doctrinal Commission of the French Bishops Conference, will give the opening address. "A model of relation between the State and society" will be tackled by the professor of political and administrative science of the University of Murcia, Fernando Jiménez Sánchez, on Friday 24th October. The same day on which the professor of political economy of the University of Bologna, Stefano Zamagni, will give his speech: "How to revive the European project. The Catholics’ role in this process".

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