From such perspective, the cardinal points out, it is very important not to regard the Legion "as a secluded reality, but as set – in ways that must be further defined – in the broader context of the great Movement" of the Regnum Christi, an ecclesial reality that has not been crushed down by the big scandal that hit the Founder of the Legionaries and that therefore "is intact and is serving the Church" in a "promising" way. The just-opened Chapter will consists of three main moments. Firstly, a "soul searching" about the past, with a review of the progress made so far, not without a penitential dimension; then, the appointment of the new Superiors, and finally the revision of the Constitutions, which shall be submitted to the Pope for his final approval. The change of Papacy, the Pontifical delegate points out, "did not hold up the process that had been started, because Pope Francis was promptly informed about it and agreed that it should go on, including the call of the Chapter". In the interview, cardinal De Paolis says he also found "some economic problems, because the Legionaries are not so wealthy as one would imagine; the economic situation had got worse internationally as a result of the financial crisis, as well as within the institution, because the lost reputation had resulted in a decrease in the number of students and therefore of revenues".” “

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