(SIR Europe – Brussels) – "The measures proposed will further strengthen financial stability and thanks to them the consequences of the mistakes made by banks will not be paid by taxpayers". Internal market and Service Commissioner Michel Barnier illustrates a proposal with new rules "to prevent bigger and more complex banks from making risky negotiations on their own". The complex document is explained as follows: "Today’s proposals are the latest tile completing the mosaic for the revision of the rules of the European banking system. The regulations concern the small number of huge banks which might turn out to be too big to go bankrupt without those rules; or it could be too expensive to rescue them; or it could be too complex to solve their crises". Through the rules proposed, "the common European framework is ready: it is the necessary framework to prevent national divergent solutions from creating rifts in the Bank Union, or from compromising the functioning of the Single Market". Proposals are "carefully calibrated" in such a way as "to ensure delicate balance between financial stability and presence of the conditions favouring disbursement of loans to real economy, a particularly important element for competitiveness and growth". (Continued)  

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