(Sir Europe – Bratislava) – "With great dismay and sadness we witness the events taking place at the moment in Kyiv. In view of these exceptional circumstances I would like to appeal to all the faithful of the Church, the Ukrainian people, and to all people of good will – in the name of God, stop the bloodshed!". With these words, His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), turns to Ukrainian authorities and citizens emphasizing that "violence has never been the way to build a free and independent state". His Beatitude Shevchuk invites representatives of the country to realize their responsibility for the future of the nation, listen to people and stop using "repressive mechanisms" against them. Judges are asked to "listen to the voice of their conscience", taking into account that "there is no justice without truth". Major archbishop of Kyiv-Halych appeals also to the citizens, members of NGOs and especially the protesters who are standing on the Maidan Square, to "go back to the peaceful nature of the protests". An appeal to proclaim the Gospel of Christ’s peace is addressed to the episcopate and clergy of the UGCC. "May the Lord of peace, the Lord who has given us his peace, be with you", concludes the appeal of His Beatitude Shevchuk.

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