(Sir Europe – Strasburg) – Actions of social character, rights, EU extension: these are some of the themes faced by the EU Parliament in today’s session. The first item in the agenda is defining a "European strategy for the roofless"; that debate will start after a declaration by the Commission. It is a particularly important theme: the number of people living in the street is increasing because of the crisis, and the organisations of the Catholic Church are on the front line to supply aid: a EU strategy would mean all countries sharing the problem in terms of solidarity, by allocating common funds, for instance. The second theme is also important: by its own initiative, the very Commission decided to debate at the Parliament a declaration about "non-discrimination in the framework of health, sexual and reproduction rights": a theme linked with both the recent Estrela report (in favour of the "right to abortion" and rejected by the Parliament) and the passage of the new law about interruption of pregnancy in Spain in a restrictive sense; yesterday, the left area (Greens and Liberals) made demonstrations against that law in Strasburg. The debate will not be followed by any resolution or vote. Finally, the Parliament will vote the reports about relations with Serbia, Kosovo and Iceland. 

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