With an unexpected action, the Humanistic Association of North Rhine-Westphalia decided not to proceed with its lawsuit against the Land and withdrew its appeal that was to be discussed today by the Higher Administrative Court in Munster for the introduction of an hour of humanities in schools. Such subject therefore will not be added to the timetable as an alternative to religion. During the discussion, the judge who was chairing the session, Bernd Kampmann, raised the possibility that the appeal would be rejected because of the failure to specify the number of minors of the Association involved. The law, in fact, requires that there must be at least 12 students for a subject to be introduced into a school’s curriculum. The Association has therefore decided to withdraw its appeal in order to avoid an enforceable judgement, with the aim to lodge a new appeal in the future. The President of the Court also noted that the court’s judgement would take into account, "besides the conditions to be considered a school subject, also whether an ideology class can be considered equal to a religion class. Today’s sentence would have been the final decision over an appeal filed by the Association against a case that had already been rejected by the Administrative Court in Düsseldorf in 2011.

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