Today, Lithuania is experiencing the highlight of the memorial day for the defenders of freedom to commemorate the fact that, on 13th January 1991, the Soviet troops killed 13 people in Vilnius in the attempt to suppress the revolt that led to the independence of the Baltic Republics. "Paying tribute to the victims of Lithuanian independence and celebrating the defenders of freedom means working hard in our daily life to strengthen the State", Prime Minister Butkevièius said yesterday, as he laid a wreath of flowers. An exhibition called "The truth makes you free" was unveiled in Seimas Palace (Parliament) this morning as a tribute to archbishop Kaunas Sigitas Tamkevièius, who won the freedom prize in 2013. "Nowadays, we seem to be free. In fact, we have only been freed from the foreign occupation of the country, but this is not real freedom. To be completely free, we need inner freedom", the archbishop states.The exhibition tells about the life of the today Archbishop of Kaunas who was imprisoned in Siberia from 1983 to 1988 for anti-Soviet propaganda, as the publisher of "The Chronicle of the Catholic Church in Lithuania", a publication that since 1972 he had been edited and secretly sent to the West to raise awareness of the discrimination and persecution experienced by Catholics in Lithuania.

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