(Sir Europe – Brussels) – "Productivity and unemployment are the two weak points" of the European industrial system, which is "fundamental" to the EU economy. The manufacturing industry’s gap in competitiveness is getting in the way of recovery, and coordinated measures, governance and "harmonisation" among the 28 member states are needed. In addition, "imbalances between member states need to be addressed in several areas: taxation, bureaucratic constraints, inadequate infrastructural systems, supplies and energy costs, delays in civil justice, research and education". The survey conducted by the Industry Commissioner, Antonio Tajani, when presenting two reports about the competitiveness of the European manufacturing industry verges on multiple micro- and macroeconomic issues. Industrial policy is not directly under the EU’s jurisdiction according to the EU Treaties, but, as explained by Tajani, there are areas in which "we can move together", such as the completion of the single market, support to small- and medium-sized companies, research. Tajani adds: "The post-industrial EU has failed for the time being", while "the manufacturing industry provides a large share of jobs, investments and EU’s exports to the rest of the world". During the EU Cabinet meeting, due to take place on September 26th and 27th, the EU Commission will address such needs, while it is preparing a contribution for the European Council of February 2014, the first one focussed on industrial policy. (continued)” “

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