The Sunday about evangelisation, the so-called "Home mission Sunday" due to be celebrated in the English parishes on September 15th, is drawing nearer, and the Church of England and Wales have reasons for celebrating. Because of Benedict XVI’s visit in September 2010 and Pope Francis’ coming, the number of Catholics who have gone back to Confession and Mas, has increased. A survey conducted on 22 cathedrals in England and Wales, the findings of which are just being presented to the British press by the bishop in charge of evangelisation, Kieran Conry, the number of confessions has risen by 65%. The answers to the survey, which have come from 91% of contacted Cathedrals, have also shown new interest in the Catholic Church and a rise in the number of people who go to Church. The number of people at Mass is also increasing, both during weekdays and on Sundays. Interestingly, there’s been a comeback to Confession by those Catholics that had taken their distances from the Church and by young people, many of whom ask for help as they cannot remember the prayers that must be told. "An important goal of evangelisation in England and Wales is the ministry to the about 4 million Catholics who have slipped off the Church", bishop Kieran Conry said at the press conference. "The concern and anxiety felt by the families of those who no longer go to Church are deeply felt". (continued)” “

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