"Socialists lost the election, as expected, because people are tired of eight years of a socialist government". This is how Janne Haaland Matlary (department of political science of Oslo University) comments for SIR on the outcome of the Norwegian election that was won by the conservative party. "Norwegians – Haaland Matlary goes on – want less government, more freedom and more cooperation between the public and the private sectors, no strict public ideological monopoly in schooling or health care". According to the Norwegian lecturer, the Labour Party led by Jens Stoltenberg, which has taken the lowest number of votes since 1934, would have had a strong "tendency to politicise the family and other areas of civil and private life", while "a new mentality, more subsidiarity in Norway" would be needed now. "People, families and society – she concludes – come before the State. The State is there to serve them, not the other way round".” “

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