(Sir Europe – Strasbourg) – "Barroso only sees a glass that is half full". Hannes Swoboda, president of the S&D Group at the European Parliament, is critical of the State of the Union speech delivered by the president of the European Commission in front of MEPs. "We should talk about people, not about numbers. About young people who are unemployed, about families experiencing hardships. In Greece there is no work and in Spain many families send their children to school so that they can get at least one meal. The crisis in Europe divides the north from the south, causes injustices, and fuels xenophobia and populism". Mr Swoboda called on the Commission to increase its efforts and work for the good of citizens and criticised those governments which "do not deliver on their commitments and continue to cut the European budget". "We have to work together – he concluded – for a common Europe" committed to "social cohesion". A strong criticism of Barroso’s speech also came from the Greens (Rebecca Harms, "Nothing was done for the environment. We need another policy"), the United Left (Takis Hadjigeorgiu, "We live in a different Europe from Barroso. In mine there are beggars on the streets and 26 million people are unemployed"), and the Conservatives (Martin Callanan, "Promises were not honoured. We need a eurorealist direction. No to economic interventionism! Yes to patriotism!").” “” “” “

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