"The Conference of the European Churches approved a new Constitution, according to which Kek should relocate its secretariat from Geneva to Brussels". This has been announced by a press release issued earlier today from Budapest, where Kek is closing its 14th meeting about "And now, what do you expect?". Last night, at 09.30 pm, with 160 votes for, 7 against and 7 abstentions, the Assembly approved the new Constitution, in the Preamble of which, the press release points out, Kek undertakes "to help, in a new way, the European Churches share their spiritual life, strengthen their testimony and their common work, and promote the unity of the Church and peace in the world". The relocation of the offices, which had been in Geneva since 1959 along with the World Council of the Churches, will take place in the next 2 to 3 years. Another change will concern the 40-member Central Committee, which will be converted into a 20-people "governing board", while the Commissions will be "a more united system". The press release also expresses "the dismay of some participants, delegates of youth and women organisations, and other ecumenical associations" at not having the status of member Churches any longer, but being "partner organisations".

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