"Between selfish indifference and violent protest there is always another possible option: that of dialogue. Dialogue between generations, dialogue with the people, the capacity to give and receive, while remaining open to the truth." "Constructive dialogue", for the Pope, is the third aspect of the of this calm, serene and wise "gaze" demanded of political leaders, "in addition to an integral humanism which respects cultural distinctiveness and fraternal responsibility." "A country grows", the Pope pointed out, "when constructive dialogue occurs between its many rich cultural components: popular culture, university culture, youth culture, artistic and technological culture, economic culture, family culture and media culture." For Pope Francis "it is impossible to imagine a future for society without a significant contribution of moral energies within a democratic order which will always be tempted to remain caught up in the interplay of vested interests." "A basic contribution" in this regard "is made by the great religious traditions, which play a fruitful role as a leaven of society and a life-giving force for democracy." "Peaceful coexistence between different religions is favoured by the laicity of the state, which, without appropriating any one confessional stance, respects and esteems the presence of the religious factor in society, while fostering its concrete expressions."

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