” “Policymakers must face the future with "a calm, serene and wise gaze," the Pope told Brazilian leaders gathered in the Municipal Theatre in Rio. Pope Francis quoted Brazilian thinker Alceu Amoroso Lima, for whom "those in positions of responsibility, are called to face the future with the calm gaze of one who knows how to see the truth." In his speech, Pope Francis considered "three aspects of this calm, serene and wise gaze: first, the distinctiveness of your cultural tradition; second, joint responsibility for building the future; and third, constructive dialogue in facing the present moment." For the Pope, "It is important, first, to esteem the dynamic and distinctive character of Brazilian culture, with its extraordinary ability to integrate a variety of elements." "The common "feeling" of a people, the foundations of its thought and creativity, the basic principles of its life, the criteria with which it assesses priorities and ways of acting, all rest on an integral vision of the human person", the Pope said, underlining that "this vision of man and of life so typical of the Brazilian people has been greatly nourished by the Gospel through the Catholic Church." (continued) ” “

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