(SIR Europe – Brussels) – 51% of Europeans are in favour of the euro: according to an investigation by Eurobarometer, presented today, carried out over a sample of 32 thousand citizens in the 28 member countries, the absolute majority think the euro is a good economic option. The opinion poll institute explains: "Those who live in the Eurozone support the euro with a two/third majority (62%)". This favour "is at the highest point, or almost (from 68% to 77%), in four of the five States joining the Eurozone" (Estonia, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia). However, the survey focuses on the theme of the rights connected with the European Year of citizens. In this respect, Eurobarometer points out that "six citizens out of ten feel ‘European’ and want to know more about their rights"; however, "less than one half (46%) know something about their rights". Moreover, the interviewed "regard their rights of EU citizens as the most positive result of belonging" to the Union; "almost six people out of ten think free circulation of people, goods and services is the most positive result" of European political integration. A further datum is surprising for the very analysts of Eurobarometer: "in spite of the crisis, the people saying to be optimistic about EU future are, in 19 countries out of 28, more numerous than those declaring to be pessimistic", while "pessimism about impact on the employment crisis seems to be going down".

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