(Sir Europe – Strasbourg) – "Behind every signature in support of the "One of Us" initiative there is a face, a person who reaffirms his or her yes to life and, most importantly, the recognition of the human dignity of the embryo". Maria Grazia Colombo, spokesperson for the Italian "One of Us" Committee, briefed the European Parliament about the goals and objectives of the Citizens’ Initiative aimed at protecting human life in every European policy and action (allocation of funds for international cooperation and research). "As committed laity, movements and organisations – from this institution that is so influential and representative of a great history, our European history – we speak up for the beauty of life, the affirmation of the person as a relational being, recognised in a people". The spokesperson participates in a press conference together with other One of Us promoters: MEPs Jaime Mayor Oreja and Carlo Casini, Salvatore Martinez (Renewal in the Spirit), Carlo Costalli (Christian Labour Movement). According to Colombo, up to now 676,000 signatures have been collected in Europe: 1 million are needed by 31 October. "The debate that is developing around this initiative – she explains – is extremely important; Christians have to give reasons for their certainties, even those about the absolute value of life. Such a debate is therefore an occasion to involve everyone and propose to everyone this absolute value". ” ” ” “

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