Disappointment, because the new law, that will result in the first gay marriages taking place in the summer of 2014 and that has been hurriedly approved by Queen Elizabeth, turns marriage into an institution in which "openness to children and, with it, the parents’ responsibility to stay together and raise them is not at the centre any longer". It has been expressed by the president and deputy president of the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, the archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols and the archbishop of Southwark Peter Smith, in a release in which they define the UK’s final go-ahead to gay marriage as "a point of no return" and a "dramatic social change". The two leaders think the legislative procedure with which David Cameron’s government decided to introduce gay marriage was hurried and lacking, and they express their gratitude for the MPs who improved the law, "ensuring protection for religious freedom". According to archbishops Nichols and Smith, the amendments made when the law went through the House of Lords have "remarkably strengthened" legal protection for the churches that may decide not to celebrate gay marriage.” “In the release, archbishops Nichols and Smith say they are worried about Westminster not accepting the amendments that give Catholic schools the option to keep teaching that marriage is the union of a man and a woman, open to children. (continued)” “

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