The commissioner-designate was also asked questions about his position on the respect of fundamental human rights as set out by the EU, on his convictions with regard to the rights of homosexual persons, to contraception and the fight against HIV/Aids. "If I am nominated – Borg said –, I will not be a Maltese Commissioner but a European Commissioner. And in my work I will respect the EU’s treaties". "I have never made homophobic declarations, nor have I ever behaved in that way. In my country – he added – I contributed to the drafting of a law against all forms of discrimination, including that against sexual orientation. And I took part in the preparation of a law protecting the rights of non-married couples, including same-sex couples". With regard to stem cell research, Borg said: "I will not interfere with what has already been decided by the EU, because I cannot do that. I will work in accordance with my beliefs, but as a commissioner for the whole Europe". Borg often reaffirmed his personal choices. He said: "I will not hide behind the mandate of commissioner. I intend to work in accordance with treaties". Regarding animal cloning – which has directly to do with the health and consumer protection portfolio – Borg said he would present a proposal for a directive prohibiting cloning for food.

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