” ” ” “"Nowadays, in the most developed areas of the planet, especially in Europe, what scholars call the care between generations has disappeared". This is the analysis made by card. Angelo Bagnasco, president of CEI, the Italian Bishops Conference, according to whom such care "has got looser, at the risk of breaking up". The source of this process – pointed out today the cardinal in his opening speech to the Permanent Episcopal Council (, "certainly lies in a factor of cultural climate, basically resulting from the relativism that presses on immediate facts and tends to flatten everything out". In other words, the answer to the "fundamental question: educate to what?" is "uncertain", and "there is no awareness of the fact one has something positive to hand down, the educating action is found to be de-enervated if not paralysed". "If one then demands to set God aside, one can understand how the ultimate foundation of the contents on which education is built will disappear", commented the cardinal. In this respect, according to the president of CEI, a figure to be "reappraised" is that of Paul VI, with his "idea of education, open to the new and at the same time "rooted in the most classical tradition". Paul VI was also set as an example by card. Bagnasco to the priests, to "question themselves again about the fundamentals" in the Year of Priesthood launched by the Pope.

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