“Thank you for understanding our pain and our anguish, for Your resolute declaration of ‘doubtless solidarity’ with the Jewish people, and for condemning the negation of the Holocaust”. With those words, Rabbi Arthur Schneier from the Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations addressed Benedict XVI today, during the private hearing at the Vatican. Schneier defined recent days “painful and difficult”, hinting at the negationist theories of Lefebvrian bishop Williamson. However, he added that “Our relationship, based on the solid foundations of Vatican II, can survive periodical crises. And we can came out of them even stronger, to collaborate in tackling the huge challenges of our civilization”. During the meeting, Alan Solow, the other member of the delegation, defined the reaction of the Vatican to the declarations of Williamson a “welcome step”, and asked the Pope “to go on condemning anti-Semitism in all its forms, and to address the leaders of the Church of every country asking them to let this issue become a priority". “We appreciate and welcome the planned visit to Israel by His Holiness, to which the people and the authorities of Israel – including us – are looking forward”.

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